After several years of creating this step by step process I’ve named “AffPlan Express”, it’s finally ready!

Now you, too, can go through the steps that I take when creating a successful affiliate site.

Since 1998, I’ve been fully entrenched in Affiliate Marketing, creating one of the first Affiliate Tracking and Management Solutions ever available, and one of the first Outsourced Program Management Services.  After selling that company, I’ve been making Affiliate Websites and promoting merchants since 2005.  All the while, I documented and built a process that I could deploy for any project.

Thus, after years of trial and error, successes and failures — I’ve nailed it, and AffPlan Express was born!

AffPlan Express is a 10 Step Process

This simple 10-step process covers all of the most important elements of a successful Affiliate Marketing Plan.

The goal of AffPlan Express is to make your life as easy as possible, by simplifying the process of creating a full-blown Affiliate Marketing Plan into 10 specific steps.

Why boil down a comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Plan into 10 steps?

  • Focus on Action.  By keeping this as simple as possible, you can get the planning done efficiently and quickly, so you can focus on execution.
  • Reduce “Analysis Paralysis”.  As you’ll hear me say in many of the videos, “Analysis Paralysis is bad – focus on action!”.  By keeping your attention limited to these 10 steps, you won’t be stuck in learning and analysis mode.  Instead, you do just enough analysis and get to the important stuff:  making your Affiliate Business successful.
  • Be Efficient.  Sure, you can add a lot of fluff, narrative, graphs and charts to any Marketing Plan.  But, what you really need are the key elements to GSD (Get Stuff Done!).  That’s what the 10 Steps of AffPlan Express focus on.  Be efficient with AffPlan Express!
  • Remove Fear.  Some entrepreneurs are afraid of the whole “marketing plan” thing, concerned that the science, analysis, research,  graphs and SWOT analysis is simply too much work and wouldn’t yield results.  I partially agree.  That’s why I’ve removed the science, graphs and SWOT analysis and make the process of building a successful Affiliate Marketing Plan on GSD (Getting Stuff Done!).
  • Don’t Jump the Gun.  A lot of Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs get an idea and just RUN WITH IT, without planning.  “Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail”.  We’ve all heard that, yet many people in this business just cut through the planning part and keep it all in their head and just start making their site.  With the proper amount of planning, those failed projects could become successful (and they could have been successful from the start!).
  • Reduce “Shiny Object Syndrome”.  If you focus on these 10 steps, you commit yourself to success with your Affiliate Marketing project or website; and focus means success.  Stop looking for new “autoblog” and “automated profit systems” and “niche site riches” and focus on a real business.  AffPlan Express helps you do just that.

By following the AffPlan Express 10 steps, you’ll have prepared an Affiliate Marketing Plan that you can execute and finally succeed in Affiliate Marketing!

What You Get.

AffPlan Express is a multifaceted Training and Execution System that includes Videos, Templates, Cheat-Sheets, Checklists and Guides.

  • Videos Galore!  Like to learn via video?  We’ve got you covered.  There’s an Overview Video, Videos to help you understand and use the included documents, and Video Training for all 10 of the AffPlan Express Steps.
  • Guides.  Essentially, these PDF Guides are laser-focused eBooks that help you with each of the 10 Steps of the AffPlan Express process.  So, if you prefer to read, then these guides will help you!  (No, they’re not transcriptions of the videos.  I could have taken that short cut, but rather, I wrote these guides before creating the videos.)
  • Checklists.  When I’m working on a project, I like to stay organized.  These checklists help you understand where you are in the process, what you’re waiting on and what you have left to work on.
  • Cheat-Sheets.  Whenever I can boil a concept or process down to a single page document, I do.  I refer to my cheat-sheets regularly to remind myself of the resources, tools and steps to keep things super-simple.
  • Templates.  When you’re ready to start documenting your Affiliate Marketing Plan, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Just start with my template documents and get running.

Dedicated AffPlan Express Forums.

I’ve created a forum dedicated to AffPlan Express that you can use to help you with any questions or specifics relating to your niche and business goals.  (There’s a link to the forum within each of the sections within the AffPlan Express Module.)

Therefore, you’ll have help along the way.

Live Q&A Webinars.

Want live help with your Affiliate Marketing Plan?  You have questions that other members probably have, too!  Join us for our regular live Q&A Webinars.

Affiliate Marketing Training.

We’re building out our Affiliate Marketing Training resources, guides and videos to help you fill in the gaps of knowledge that you may need.

Internet Marketing Training.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t live in a bubble.  You need to understand Internet Marketing concepts to take full advantage of the Affiliate Marketing monetization opportunities.  Use the Internet Marketing Training that we’re building to help you learn.

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