If you’ve been around for a while, you may have noticed some big changes (and growth) here at AffPlan.com.

The most obvious of these changes is the new look of the website.

It was quite an undertaking, as the original AffPlan.com was a simple, under-utilized, rarely-filled blog.  I had originally used Thesis Theme for this blog (as I have for many of my blogs), but I needed a massive overhaul.

In short, I ended up using my new favorite Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme — OptimizePress.

optimizepress - WP theme for membership sites, sales pages, launch pages

I selected OptimizePress to power the new AffPlan.com

I’ve used OptimizePress as my WP Theme to create landing pages, squeeze pages and membership sites.  They look great (IMHO), and I didn’t have to do any of the design work.  OptimizePress does it all for me.  Want to see one of my membership sites powered by optimizepress?  Check out ContentBuffet.net.  The initial page is the squeeze page.  After you enter your email address, you go through the “sales funnel” which Optimizepress designed for me, too!.  (And, if you’re wondering, I’ve selected Wishlist Member as my membership software for all of my sites.)

Enough about OptimizePress.  Let’s just say I’m a big fan of this theme for “non-designers” like me.

With the theme selection done, I needed to begin layout of the new site.

I had some pretty hefty goals to meet.  They were:

  1. Focus on a page-based layout, with the blog as a “part” of the site, instead of “the blog is the site”.
  2. Recognize that AffPlan has 3 distinct audiences:  Merchants, Affiliates and “Newbies”
  3. Create easy navigation for Merchants, Affiliates and “Newbies”.
  4. Create complete website sections (almost ‘mini sites’) that spoke directly to all three of these audiences appropriately.
  5. Create products and services for each of these audiences, and make “sales pages” for each.
  6. Create a membership site component, to provide free eBooks and videos to free members.
  7. Allow for upgrading memberships to premium levels, and provide premium products and services.
  8. Have a nice looking blog.

As you can see, I had my work cut out for me.

Oh yeah — and all of this had to look good.  (Did I mention that I suck at design?)

Luckily, OptimizePress covered 90% of my design needs.

What bout the remaining 10% of my design needs?

That “10%” was an incredibly important “10%”(Yes, I made these numbers up.)

The remaining “10%” of the design was the first impression people would have of the site, and how the navigation strategy would be executed.

Thanks to Joel and Karen Garcia for this Graphic Work!

It was… the home page.

I had a vision, but absolutely no skills to make it happen.

Luckily, I have really smart, talented, and extremely generous friends.  Karen and Joel Garcia (from GTO Management) offered up their mad skillz and hooked me up with a gorgeous home page graphic, complete with my desired roll-over graphics.  I think it’s awesome!  Thanks again, Karen and Joel!

So, the site is done.  It’s live.

The membership component is done, and ready to take new members.

Have you joined yet?  It’s simple, it’s free — and I’ve already got plenty of goodies (ebooks, videos and more) available only to free members.

Join AffPlan for free.

This was a big project, and although I still have work to do, I hope you like it.

Have you gone through major re-designs like this?  Do you like how AffPlan has turned out?