There are many different learning styles.

  • Some people learn best by reading and studying.
  • Some people learn by watching lectures and taking notes.
  • Some people learn by being told what to do, or watching as someone else does it.

Over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people learn best when they (a) watch someone else do it, step by step and (b) try it themselves.

Sure, the ideal situation is to sprinkle in proper lectures and the ability to get specific questions answered, or work in small groups — but the core of the most successful learning style (IMHO), is through WATCHING and then DOING.

The AffPlan Video Training Series is FREE to AffPlan Members

So, I’m going to help affiliate marketers with the first part: 

You can watch me as I teach specific internet marketing and affiliate marketing topics.

I’m a total “how to” guy.

I don’t really like talking in generalities and theory.  (There’s a place for that.  I’m just not good at it.)

What I am good at, is showing you exactly “how” and the steps to accomplish specific goals and tasks.

I love when people tell me that the lessons I have taught, with my specific “how to do X” guidance,  helped pull everything together for them.

Why am I doing this?

  • I love Affiliate Marketing.
  • I love Internet Marketing.
  • I love making websites.
  • I love being a total geek.
  • I love teaching and helping people.
  • …and, I don’t mind making videos.

This is a perfect blending of all that I love, so I can now proudly announce the launch of:  The Affplan Video Training Series.

It’s available for FREE.

There are productions and episodes already available – instantly.

The only catch?  You have to spend 30 seconds and sign up for a free membership here at AffPlan.

Please – Join me here at AffPlan for FREE.

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