Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate Blogs

When you’re learning about Affiliate Marketing, one place to look is blogs.  But with so much noise and so many sales pitches disguised as legitimate blogs, who can you trust?

I’ve narrowed down the list of Affiliate Marketing related blogs to the ones that I read, or are published by people I know and trust.

So, if you’re looking for the best affiliate marketing blogs, look no further.

These are, in my opinion, the best blogs to follow in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

Favorite Affiliate Marketing Industry Blogs

Affiliate Tip
Written by Shawn Collins, Affiliate Tip keeps you up to date on all aspects of Affiliate Marketing.  Shawn is the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront magazine and more.  He also co-hosts the popular “Affiliate Thing” podcast with Lisa Picarille.

Eric Nagel
Eric is crazy-smart, and delivers really great technical advice in his blog.  If you’re interested in using DataFeeds, SEO and want to get into the mind of an Affiliate Marketer, then follow his blog.

Tricia Meyer
Tricia Meyer is a pioneer in the cash-back business with her company, Sunshine Rewards.  She also is a prolific blogger and capitalizes on seasonality and pop-culture.  She is a great friend, and a true professional Affiliate Marketer.

Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa runs many successful affiliate websites, and is well known in the sports niche, among others.  He is a quiet powerhouse in affiliate marketing, and is one of the nicest and smartest people you’ll ever meet.  His blog is a blend of technical advice, insights and tutorials that I find consistently amazing.

Logan Thompson
I met Logan when we spoke together at an Affiliate Summit conference, and I gotta say — he knows his stuff!  I love his blog, as he writes really high quality articles and really delivers great value to his readers.

Danger Brown
I don’t think I’ve actually met Danger Brown in person.  Yes, that’s his name (or at least that’s what he goes by).  I love his transparency and honesty that he provides on his blog.  He may not blog every day, but when he does – it’s quite good!

OPM Blogs:

Many OPM’s (outsourced program managers) have blogs that they use to communicate with their Affiliates, regarding their Merchant clients.  They also provide some great content, training and advice for affiliates.  These are my favorites.

GTO Management
Joel and Karen Garcia are two of the nicest people you’ll meet, and are one helluva powerhouse team in Affiliate Management.

Geno from AMNavigator runs an OPM Firm, and somehow finds the time to write books and blog very regularly.

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