Us Affiliates are a fickle bunch.

Sure, many of us professional affiliates employ media planning strategies that can accommodate your schedule. 

…But, most of us don’t.

I know that Affiliate Mangers have a lot of responsibilities.  You must answer to the merchant (your boss), and you must help your affiliates (your channel).

…but what about the new affiliates who have specifically requested to promote you?

Why do I find that days, weeks – yes, even MONTHS go by before I’m approved to have the privilege of accessing your banners and promoting your product?

Yes, that was sarcasm.

I’m not flip about the programs I choose to promote.

I chose you because you are relevant to me, at the time.  Oftentimes, you are relevant to a current post or review — an immediate need.

I don’t have a scam website.  I provide quality content, and quality recommendations to great merchants.  I don’t deviate from your rules.

I just want to spend my money to promote YOU.

I want to spend my effort, my limited inventory, my pixel space — to promote you for FREE.  (I only ask that you pay me for sales that you make as a result.)

But please know:  My attention to you is limited.

I will move on.

If I don’t get approved within a reasonable amount of time — I will forget about you.  I promise you that.

So, Merchants – why not set a goal to approve your new affiliates as quickly as possible.?

You may not know what you’re missing.