Competitive Analysis

Affiliate Program Competitive Analysis

This custom consulting package delivers detailed Affiliate Program Competitive Analysis for your business.

When you’re preparing to launch an affiliate program for your company, you need a solid plan to execute — as you would with any important marketing initiatives.

One of the key elements of this plan is your “Competitor Analysis”You need to know where your program stands in relation to the competing programs affiliates can join.

Affiliates can select from thousands of affiliate programs to promote.  How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

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  • Identify your competition
  • Understand what they’re doing
  • Know what you need to do to compete


We’ll scour through the networks, finding all the affiliate programs that are within your niche and give you a thorough analysis.

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What you get.
A comprehensive competitive analysis that includes:

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  • A list of your competitors.
  • Their affiliate program highlights
  • Specific details
  • Their terms
  • The networks and / or in house solutions they use
  • Affiliate channel success statistics
  • A Summary Analysis that discusses your key competitors
  • Suggestions for your program and how you can differentiate and succeed
  • All of this is delivered within 3 business days of your order.



Why hire this service instead of doing it yourself?


You spend less than 10 minutes giving us the information we need to begin.

…Then, we go to work for you.

In less than 3 business days, you’ll have a full report — and you’ll know the complete competitive landscape before you begin your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

You can take the report and run, or we can walk you through the report and analysis, giving you an even greater edge.

Price for this service?  Only $495.

Order now and we’ll schedule our initial call ASAP.

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Why choose AffPlan?


We are here for one reason – to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.  Our laser focus is on teaching you best practices and strategies, while providing you with the insight and experience you need to run a successful affiliate program.

We do one thing, and do it well.

You get the exact deliverable that you pay for when you choose AffPlan.  No service contracts, no recurring costs.

…And, we’re not pitching any services to you.  We are not an agency, nor an OPM firm.

Nothing is held back.

We won’t give you a “taste” of the analysis, with promises of more detail with a long term engagement.

You’ll never get “pitched” on any additional services to manage your program.

Experience & Insight.

Our team of affiliate marketing professionals have been affiliate managers, affiliates, merchants and network owners since 1998.  You will never find more experienced consultants.

We’re here when you need us.

If you ever find that you’re in need of specific guidance, help or tactical services, just give us a call.

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Arm yourself with competitive intelligence!

When you launch a product to market, you need a comprehensive view of your competition.

The same goes with Affiliate Programs.

Affiliates can select from thousands upon thousands of programs to join and promote.  It’s a crowded marketplace.

Think of your Affiliate Program as a product that you want to “sell” to prospective affiliates.

Your goal is to have them promote *your* product over your competitors.

Moreover, you want the *best* affiliates to promote your products.  You need to know what your competing affiliate programs offer.

How do you gain this intel?

It’s not too difficult — you just need to:

  1. Know where to look, what to look for, how to get it, and what it all means to you.
  2. Understand all the intricacies of the various networks and reporting resources.
  3. You’ll need subscriptions to specific data sources and reporting services.
  4. Once you have access and understand how they all work, then you simply need to search for any and all competitors, collect the important data points and other relevant data and store it for analysis.
  5. Repeat this process for as many competitors you can identify across all the networks.
  6. Then, layer in external data for further analysis and insight.

That’s it.  The final step is the actual analysis.

  • Who are the biggest competitors —  now and in the future?
  • How must you structure your affiliate program to be competitive?
  • What other differentiators should you employ that your competitors are not?

Yes, you can do this yourself.  But, if you’d like experts to do it for you — thoroughly, comprehensively, and cost-effectively, then hire us.

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