Affiliate Program Consulting for Merchants

To help our Affiliate Marketing Consulting clients, we have made a “package” from our most popular consulting services.

Our packages are:

Strategy Packages:

Needs based packages:

We also have specific products that you can buy and get instant access to:

If you need anything special, or out of the box, then it’s quite simple:  Hire us by the hour or by the project.

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  • Are you thinking of launching a new affiliate program for your business?
  • Are you just about ready to launch?
  • Have you already launched, and haven’t found the success you were expecting?[/black_arrow_list]


We are here to help.

We’ll setup a conference call with you and discuss your plans, your strategies and your execution.

We can help you completely plan your affiliate program — or review your existing plan, or your existing program.

The cost?  It’s very simple.  We charge by the hour and have a 2 hour minimum.

Our hourly rates are $350-$250 per hour, based on the services provided.

Ready to get started?

A two hour consulting session will get the ball rolling.

You simply submit $400 and you’ve paid for 2 full hours of expert consulting.  (We will limit our initial consulting to those two hours — so don’t worry about going over or racking up extra costs.)

Order your two hour consulting session now, and we’ll set up a time to begin.

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