Full Strategy

This is our comprehensive, premiere Affiliate Marketing Plan and Strategy Product.

With this package, you get a complete Affiliate Marketing Plan for your business.  It includes everything in our condensed plan services package, plus more initial strategy consulting and planning.

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What you get:

(In addition to the useful guides, samples, and analysis in our “condensed plan“)

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  • List of 100 Content Affiliates in your niche
  • List of Top Coupon Affiliates
  • List of Comparison Shopping Engines
  • List of Datafeed Service contacts
  • List of Recommended Affiliate Tools
  • Sample Acceptance communication
  • Sample Decline Communication
  • Sample Newsletter tailored to your program
  • Sample Activation Campaign immensely useful for reviving a flagging program!
  • Sample Affiliate Bonus Promotion Campaign
  • List of Program Promotion locations
  • Pay Per Call Documentation
  • Discounts for various conferences such as Affiliate Summit and Blog World
  • Social Media Recruiting Guide
  • Glossary of Industry Terms



The price of this package ranges from $7,500 – $10,000 depending on your needs.

For a free quote, simply contact us today and we’ll discuss your needs.