I’m super excited about this.  (But I’ll try to keep this short.)

A month or two ago, I told my son that I’m going to teach him how to make a website this summer, and he will keep all the money that he makes from it.

School ended on Thursday, and the next day he asked me, “When are we going to start working on my site?”

I don’t think I’ve been more proud!

Over the weekend, we discussed what the site may be.  He wanted to make a “gamefudge.com” clone.  Essentially, he wanted a destination where people could play video games.

“Uhh – no,” was my response.  “I don’t know how to make video games, buddy.”

We settled on making a video game website, where the main focus will be on video games that people can buy (and use his affiliate link).  If we can include a section where we can syndicate some online video games he likes, we’ll give that a shot.

I’m going to document this entire process — so be sure to subscribe to the AffPlan.com email list to get the updates.

“We we soo essighted!”  (Thanks, Rebecca Black for these powerful lyrics  And, thanks to Glee for making a fun version of this song.)