Google Affiliate Network – Affiliate Network Overview

Google Affiliate Network

Summary:  Founded in 1998 as Performics, in Chicago, and recently acquired by Google, and rebranded as the Google Affiliate Network, it is a large Affiliate Network with loads of Merchants and Affiliates alike.

Back in the day, Performics was a premium-brand-centric Affiliate Network that also provided clients with Search Marketing Services, integrated in their Service Agreements.  But, when Google acquired Performics, they chose to sell off their Search Services, and create the Google Affiliate Network as a pure Affiliate Network.

Just like with most Google products — they rely heavily on technology, not people.  In this relationship-focused business, I consider this to be a draw-back, but it apparently hasn’t stopped many big brands from using their network.

Quick View of Google Affiliate Network:

Founded: 1998


Employees: More than 500


Status: A division of Google Inc. (GOOG  – NASDAQ)


Number of Publishers: More than 100,000 affiliate applications accepted

Number of Merchants: More than 500

Types of Merchants: Retail, financial services, travel, affinity and subscriptions

Big Brand Merchants: Bank of America, Barnes & Noble, Blue Nile, Circuit City, Kohls, Sears, Target and Verizon Wireless.

Exclusivity for Merchants: No

Pricing: Still need info

Basic Marketing Policies:
A standard affiliate agreement that outlines the network marketing policies. ( In addition, each advertiser in the Google Affiliate Network can host program specific terms and conditions.

Best Practices:
Google Affiliate Network relies on a proven methodology for affiliate channel optimization.  Internal and external best practice materials are based around our value chain methodology which covers the core levers: Goal Setting, Distribution Planning, Policy Development, Recruitment, Quality, Communication, Trafficking, Payment, Analysis and Optimization.

Additional Services (paid and non-paid): All Google Affiliate Network fees are performance based and there are no ad hoc fees charged to advertisers or publishers.

Technology Available:

  • Technology and reporting platform is proprietary (ConnectCommerce)
  • Real-time reporting at the link, relationship, creative and product level
  • Data feeds provided free of charge to affiliates (set-up available in the UI)

Commission and Schedules: Support for all variations of commission schedules.

Matchmaking Tools:

  • Active Publisher Advisory Board
  • Annual “Affiliate Marketing Caucus”
  • Proprietary business intelligence tools for coverage gap analysis and distribution planning
  • Publisher opt-in for advertiser recruiting
  • Affiliate VIP and Rising Star designations based on volume, responsiveness and quality

Additional Resources (for merchants and publishers):

  • Dedicated account teams for advertisers
  • Assigned relationship managers to Affiliate VIPs and Rising Stars and publishers *Support by email and telephone as well as an online Help Center

Social Media Outreach: