ShareASale – Affiliate Network Overview

ShareASale, Chicago, IL

Summary:  ShareASale is “the friendly network” — the network you’re proud to partner with.

Since starting their network in 2000, ShareASale has grown from being known for its small “mom & pop” niche merchants, to being known as a quiet powerhouse in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

ShareASale is nimble and quick to respond to merchant and affiliate needs — and quick to lead in introducing revolutionary technologies and services.

ShareASale is considered “my favorite network” by many top affiliates.  Due to this loyalty, some affiliates will work with merchants in the ShareASale network over the same merchant’s affiliate program in a competing network.

One reason for ShareASale’s “rabid fans” is their people.  They have a small, but talented and dedicated team of support, development and services to accomodate merchant and affiliate needs.  The ShareASale team is very approachable, very friendly — and their goal is to deliver exceptional results.  Moreover, the team is reachable.  Either by phone, email, chat, twitter, facebook, or industry events:  You’ll get a hold of the person you need, and you will come away from that encounter satisfied.

Another key reason for the loyalty Affiliates hold for ShareASale is their pioneering stance against Spyware / Malware within their network.  This single decision, made years ago, is indicative of the high-integrity and “affiliate friendly” policies held by ShareASale.  In fact, when all other affiliate networks embraced “spyware” affiliates in their networks, ShareASale explicity prohibited them.  This decision certainly cost ShareASale significant revenues at that time — but won the hearts and loyalty of thousands of affiliates for years to come.

ShareASale is highly recommended for both Merchants, and Affiliates.

Quick View of ShareASale

Established/Founded: 2000

Employees: 17

Status: Privately owned

Number of Publishers: Over 300,000 registered accounts (Activity ratio typically hovers around the 10 percent range)

Number of Merchants:  More than 2,600

Types of Merchants: Retail niche merchants

Big Brand Merchants: CSN Stores, Checks Unlimited, Random House (all exclusive to ShareASale)

Exclusivity for Merchants: No

Additional Services (paid and non-paid):

  • Full-service affiliate program management
  • Creative design
  • Structuring and implementing recruiting and activation campaigns
  • Creating seasonal, promotional and dynamic ad banners
  • Developing affiliate tools (data feeds, search boxes, etc.)
  • Designing and distributing a monthly newsletter
  • Providing an interactive, branded online affiliate forum

Best Practices:

  • ShareASale is an adware-free retail performance marketing network.  We do not allow affiliates to utilize any type of desktop software to serve
    affiliate links.
  • ShareASale recently implemented a “3-strikes” policy to help Merchants police PPC trademark and keyword violations.

Technology Available:

  • Real-time Transaction Reporting
  • Automated Datafeed Upload
  • FTP Availability for Datafeed download (affiliates)
  • Make A Widget (merchant)
  • Make A Video (merchant and affiliate)
  • Pay Per Call
  • Coupons and Deals Database
  • Gift Cards Database
  • Automated Rewards and Bonuses
  • Holiday Specific Recruitment

Commission Schedules:

Affiliates are paid on the 20th of each month, for the prior month of commissions earned.  Limited exceptions to this occur for merchants who have extended transaction times (more common with larger ticket items or items frequently returned)

Matchmaking Tools:

  • Annual ShareASale Think Tank
  • ShareASale Aquarium – internal social network for Merchants & Affiliates
  • Various networking events throughout the year
  • ShareASale Square (last four Meet Markets at Affiliate Summit)

Additional Resources ( or merchants and publishers):

  • Support forum on
  • Large knowledgebase of traditional help topics as well as helpful hints
  • Featured placement areas to gain more exposure within the network
  • Database of preferred and recommended OPM firms

Social Media Outreach: