What Affiliate Networks Do

What Affiliate Networks Do

Affiliate Networks are many things to their Affiliates, Merchants, and the Affiliate Managers who run Affiliate Programs.

But it boils down to a simple concept:  Affiliate Networks are the platform upon which Affiliate Marketing is run

The technology provided by Affiliate Networks:

  • Provides the functionality for Affiliates to join the network, and apply for specific affiliate programs.
  • Delivers Ads on Affiliate Sites.
  • Tracks Impressions of these ads.
  • Processes and Tracks Clicks on these ads and directs web visitors to the appropriate destination URL.
  • Tracks sales and leads referred by affiliates
  • Credits the referring Affiliate for valid transactions.
  • Provides reporting and various additional management features for both the merchant and the affiliate.

The Services provided by Affiliate Networks:

  • Pays affiliates their commissions
  • Collects Tax forms from Affiliates and performs end-of-year tax reporting
  • Various management and support services to merchants and affiliates

When choosing an affiliate network, you can do your own homework, or hire us to help you choose the best network for your business.