AffPlan Podcast – AffPlan Strategies Session #3

Welcome to another episode of the AffPlan Strategies Session, a podcast where industry leaders share their expert advice to help you with all aspects of creating and refining your online Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Lisa Picarille moderated and was joined by two very well-known and well-respected OPMs:


Karen Garcia, a partner at GTO Management

GTO Management offers nearly 20 years of combined experience in developing and managing successful programs in affiliate marketing. They have expertise in Web and graphic design, SEO and SEM, conversion analysis, and recruiting. They work with over 200 of the top producing affiliates from various networks and have thousands of affiliate relationships. Karen also a big foodie and blogs at In addition, she has spent countless hours helping grassroots efforts fighting the advertising tax in California and other states.


Jamie Birch, owner and principal at JEB Commerce

JEBCommerce is a full service, online marketing agency specializing in performance marketing. It services both large and small organizations with a heavy focus on affiliate marketing. Almost ten years ago, Jamie began his career as a Search Engine Marketing professional and has extensive experience in all aspects of Internet Marketing.


Today’s topic is “Working with New Clients as an OPM“.

We discussed the importance of evaluating if a client is a good fit for your company; if there are types of merchants that these OPM don’t want to work with; setting realistic expectations for merchant’s about their affiliate programs; what merchants need to put in place internally to make a program work; the importance of picking the right network; measuring a program’s success; tools that help in the process and more.

Karen and Jamie gave Lisa an “under the hood” look at life as an OPM, including some comedic anecdotes and many profound insights during this lively and entertaining discussion.  (And, for the first time in AffPlan Podcast History:  The audio quality is great!)

Another big “Thanks!” to Jamie Birch, Karen Garcia, and Lisa Picarille for providing us, and our entire Affiliate Marketing Industry such excellent content and an overall excellent podcast.

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