In a recent private email to our AffPlan Members, I confessed something that has made a big impact on how I look at content and graphics.  I confessed that I based a significant element of my content decisions on a false premise.

You see, In the past, I would tell myself (and others), that “all that matters is the text of your content”.

Yep, I focused on the written words.  I considered the words as the only content.  (Certainly the only content that mattered.)

Further, I would argue that “you can make it ‘look pretty’ later”.

You know why I said that?

  1. Because it’s partially true.  (Hey, I’m not a total liar!)
  2. Because I was justifying my lack of graphic skills.

It’s taken a few years for me to recognize this about myself.  I was totally justifying my poor graphic skills with that statement.

More specifically, the big turning point for me to recognize that the text AND GRAPHICS (the whole package) of your content matters, was only a few months ago, when I started making my own graphics.

How did I start making my own graphics?


I’m totally kidding!

I can’t use photoshop.  It’s way too complicated.

The honest answer?   I bought this software called The Logo Creator, and I’m totally hooked on making graphics.

Having the ability to create my own graphics has literally changed the way I think of “content”.  It’s changed how I think of my websites.

Frankly, it’s given me some serious confidence, too.

Over the last few months since I’ve owned this software, I’ve used it a number of times, creating graphics, logos, headers and even a FaceBook Cover Image (the one for AffiliateMarketingPlan).

Wanna see my graphics?

In the video I’ve created below, you can see some of the graphics I’ve created.  I’m pretty proud of them!  (NOTE:  If you’re a professional graphic designer, you’ll notice that some font selections or color usage is not optimal.  I don’t care.  I’m proud that I was able to get this done myself.)

After you’ve seen my video, go take a look at their site.  (Click here to get The Logo Creator.)  They have a killer video that shows you much more.  Every single graphic that is used in their video was also made by this software.

The developer, Marc, is a really cool guy, and he’s been improving this software over a few years.  This most recent version is killer.

I highly recommend this software for any Affiliate Marketer, or frankly – anyone who wants to publish content online.

Members of AffPlan will have some tutorials from me on using this software.  (I seriously use it often, and I thoroughly enjoy it.)  

Have you used this software?

Oh yeah, one more question:  How did you like my video?  I had fun implementing music in it!

If you haven’t joined AffPlan, hurry and join!  Lifetime Membership is a one time fee and massively underpriced.