As I announced earlier this year, my 11 year old son, Evan, wants to make an affiliate website.

Initially, it was quite a battle of wills to get him to simply write a couple basic articles that I could use for the site.  The summer came and went in a flash – and he still didn’t have a site to show for it.

So, I came to a conclusion:  I have to show him the site.  No more talk.  No more dreaming the “what if’s” and “imagine if it could do this”.  I had to give him something to look at.

And it worked!

Watch me build for my son - his first Affiliate Website!

Now that he’s seeing the site come together, he’s more excited, more engaged — and providing content without my prodding, than I had ever dreamed.

On Saturday night, he was up late and I found him working on his “2011 Video Game Gift Guide” until almost 1 AM!

Then, on Monday evening, he was late for bed working on a list of free online video games that he plays.

(This is a very proud Affiliate-Dad Moment, folks!)

The website he’s making is “” and it’s still very, very, very not ready for prime time.  But it’s a great start!

As part of my new AffPlan Training Series, I’m documenting the entire process!

I’ve got quite a few videos already up and available for free members now.

So, if you’d like to watch over my shoulder, behind the scenes, as I build my son his first Affiliate Website, then I can hook you up!  (Just join AffPlan for free – the videos are already there and I’m adding more constantly.)

In this AffPlan Training Series Production, I take you through every single step of this process.

  • Selecting a domain.
  • Creating the Webhosting Account, Setting up DNS and Installing WordPress.
  • The initial tech work that needs to be done to prepare for a successful site.
  • The basic plugins I use, and why.
  • Deciding how the site will operate (pages and posts).
  • Selecting a theme.
  • SEO Considerations.
  • The steps I take to get indexed in Google (and the results)
  • How I customize the theme.
  • All the advanced plugins and settings I use.
  • How to create user generated content and user engagement.
  • How to prepare for social media.
  • How to make everything work and look good.
  • ...and that’s just the first few videos!

There are plenty of updates to come.

Please join me now

If an 11 Year old kid can do it – so can you!

Have you joined Affplan?  It’s FREE and you can watch the journey from concept to complete Affiliate Website immediately!