I’ve been in Affiliate Marketing since late 1997, early 1998.

The company I founded (and sold in 2005 to “Inuvo”) was the first In-House Affiliate Tracking and Management Solution for Merchants. Essentially, we helped merchants start and run their own Affiliate Programs.

And it was very successful, too. Over 3,000 different Merchants started their Affiliate Program on the platform my company created.

So, looking back, roughly 13 years later, it seemed to me that everyone knows what Affiliate Marketing is, and what an Affiliate Program is.

Boy, was I wrong.

My good friend Deborah Carney has put together a great video series to teach Merchants all about Affiliate Marketing, and how to leverage an Affiliate Program for their business.

For those of you new to this growing industry, I think you’ll find the information in this initial video, “What is an Affiliate Program”, invaluable in your research.

This video is an introduction to creating a merchant affiliate program. There are lots of videos out there to teach affiliates about affiliate marketing, this one is to educate the merchants that are interested in starting an affiliate program.