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What is AffPlan?

Todd Farmer - AffPlan Founder

Todd Farmer – AffPlan Founder

Affiliate Marketing Plan (aka “AffPlan”) has been a project of passion for many years, but only recently have I dedicated more time to growing it substantially.

Since starting in the Affiliate Marketing industry in early 1998, when I created one of the first independent Affiliate Program Tracking and Management platforms available, I have learned a ton about Affiliate Marketing and have pretty-much fallen in love with this industry.

I created AffPlan to help our industry prosper, by helping Merchants and Affiliates prepare their affiliate marketing strategy, utilizing best practices, high standards and ethics while contributing positively to the Affiliate Marketing industry.

Basically, I want to share what I’ve learned through the years.

My biggest challenge when creating this site has been organization.  “How do I provide advanced help and information to both Merchants and Affiliates, while ensuring ‘newbies’ can catch up?”

My answer is to deliver this site in 3 main categories:

Merchants will see that we provide various products and services dedicated to help launch and run a successful Affiliate Program.

Affiliates will be able to learn how to create successful affiliate websites, employ smart traffic and conversion strategies, work with great Merchants, and more.

And beginners to our industry, our “Newbie” friends, will be able to understand where they fit in, and how it all works.

In general, we provide affiliate marketing consulting services and specific products for both Merchants and Affiliates.

I look forward to helping you in your Affiliate Marketing endeavors.

To your success with Affiliate Marketing!

-Todd Farmer