Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder

This is the section that helps you determine your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Affiliate Marketing Plan for Merchants Outline – the first step in creating your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Essentially, this is the entire point of this website:  Make your own affiliate marketing plan, so you can succeed with affiliate marketing, by utilizing best practices, high standards and ethics and being a quality contributor to our industry.

This key area should update often as more details are provided for each section – and new sections should be created, too.

Below, is a rough outline of the topics that will be covered (ROUGH DRAFT #1) from the comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Plan Outline.

* Choosing your Affiliate Marketing Goals and Objectives
* Choosing a tracking and management solution
* Setting your commission rates
* Creating Affiliate Materials
* Creating linking methods and entry pages
* Communicating with your Affiliates
* Motivating your Affiliates
* Launching your Affiliate Program
* Promoting your Affiliate Program
* Selecting an Affiliate Manager
* Assessing your progress