Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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Affiliate Marketing has been a powerful marketing channel since 1995/1996 and (like all successful industries), it has grown substantially. It has grown in volume and complexity.

But many things have remained the same.  The most important Affiliate Marketing Strategy that has remained consistent over the years?


Quality Merchants, providing quality marketing material, tools, service and help to affiliates.

Quality Affiliates, providing quality traffic, leads and sales to merchants, while providing valuable content to users.

Quality Networks, providing quality technology to facilitate the relationships between Merchants and Affiliates.

Quality Affiliate Program Managers, providing quality service and support to Affiliates, and delivering a successful affiliate marketing channel for their merchant clients.

The more you learn about quality Affiliate Marketing Strategy, including all aspects of the new tactics and types of affiliate marketing plans, the better equipped you are to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Let us help you with your Affiliate Marketing Strategy.

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We offer:

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Consulting to Merchants

(the advertisers who sell products and pay affiliate’s commissions for leads and sales).

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Consulting to Affiliates

(the publishers who drive traffic, leads and sales to merchants in exchange for commissions).