I don’t normally talk much on this topic.  It almost feels like “it’s been done”, and more importantly — I don’t want to come off as some cheesy “get rich in your pajamas” guy who’s “selling” affiliate marketing to people.

…but, I realize that I do, in my daily life, “sell” affiliate marketing.

How?  Because I live it.

I personally experience the benefits of working from home, being with my kids, being my own boss — and determining my own destiny.

And, when a friend, neighbor or a fellow parent (from the kids’ school, martial arts studio in Northville, or soccer team) say something like, “I could use a better job“, or “I need to start making more money“, or “I want to do what you do” — the sparks light up, and I say a couple things about this business, how I’m giving free affiliate marketing training here at AffPlan,  and then have to physically stop myself from showing my true passion for it.  (Don’t want to come on too strong, ya know!)

But I do love this affiliate marketing business.

And, I love Affiliate Summit.  (The premiere Affiliate Marketing Conference of our industry.)

So, when I saw this video that they just recently produced, I had to share it.  It’s really good — and, I feel it represents how I fell about telling people that Affiliate Marketing truly is a great opportunity for a home business.

Are you going to Affiliate Summit Central in Austin (May 15-16, 2012), or Affiliate Summit East in NYC (August 12-14, 2012)?

I am, and I wouldn’t miss them.  (I’ve gone to every Affiliate Summit in the last 10 years, with the exception of one or two that I simply could not attend.  They’re that valuable to my affiliate marketing success.)

What do you find to be the best part of affiliate marketing?