Well, it’s been almost an entire year since our last podcast. (It’s been a busy year!)

But, due to demand, we yielded to our fans. So despite our busy schedules, we have produced our first new Affiliate Strategies Session (a.k.a. “ASS”) — Reborn.

This episode is very quick, and Lisa Picarille has graced us with her never-ending professionalism and amazing podcast-voice. It is brilliantly produced by our own audio-geek and overall cool guy, Todd Farmer.

Disclaimer 1: The sponsor links are real, live affiliate links to both WishlistMember (seriously awesome membership software) and Thesis Theme (everyone knows how awesome Thesis Theme is). If you wisely choose to purchase through the links, we will earn a commission.

Disclaimer 2: Please don’t take us too seriously today folks. Just having some fun, and gearing up for some amazing (serious) podcasts soon.

What do you think of the intro format? I was trying to follow in the footsteps of an amazing podcast master, Daniel M. Clark of GeekDads Weekly.

What do you think of the intro music? Lisa says it sounds like bad 70’s “you-know-what” music.