This was a ton of fun.

My good friends and I were on a webinar (recorded as a podcast to replay) recently, where we all talked about how we got started — and we shared a few fun memories to share.

“Who are these good friends of yours, Todd?”, you ask?

They are:

  • Brian Littleton (ShareASale Founder and CEO)
  • Scott Jangro (MechMedia Founder and CEO, and former BeFree Executive)
  • Connie Arnold (a.k.a. Connie Berg, and Founder of
  • Todd Crawford (Co-Founder of Impact Radius, and former CJ Founding Executive)

As you can see – I was in some impressive company.

…and we really did have fun!

Special “Thanks!” goes out to my good friend Deb Carney, for taking the time to coordinate and host this event.