Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Program Agreement

Ahh..  The Affiliate Agreement.  The terms and conditions.  The operating agreement.

….the legal mumbo-jumbo that can’t be overlooked.

Your Affiliate Agreement is the legal document that represents the terms with which you operate your affiliate program and disclose to your affiliates all activities that are allowed, or not allowed, in your affiliate program.

This document can be a daunting challenge for merchants to create.


Because if you do not disclose a specific term or restriction in your Affiliate Agreement, the understanding by affiliate is, “This is allowed — they never said I can’t”.

You need to think long and hard about your Affiliate Agreement.  You must not be overly restrictive on affiliate activities, yet you must clearly define your justified rules.

You need to cooperate with affiliates and help them succeed, so your program succeeds.  However, such cooperation cannot come at the expense of your overall business goals and needs.

So, what is a merchant to do?

Create a rock-solid Affiliate Agreement.

With our help, we can address all the key elements that your legal department needs to see, and all the business decisions that your business needs addressed.

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We’ll cover many points in your agreement, including:

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  • Brand, Trademark and Product Name use
  • Direct Linking
  • Paid Search Bidding
  • Domain use
  • Compensable Actions
  • Tracking issues and Cookie Duration
  • DataFeed use
  • Coupons, Incentive Sites, and Discounters
  • Allowed activities
  • Prohibited Activites
  • Excluded Sites and Traffic Sources
  • Social Media concerns
  • …and so much more



If you’d like to get your Affiliate Program Agreement off of your To-Do list, and into the “Done List”, and you want to do so as efficiently and with authority, then buy our Affiliate Agreement Consulting Package.

In an hour or so conference call, we’ll ask you a series of questions that need to be addressed in your Affiliate Agreement.

Within 3 Business Days, you’ll have a fully functional Affiliate Agreement that you can send to your legal department for review, and to your management for approval.

Have an Affiliate Agreement that makes sense for you, and your affiliates — and have it made as efficiently as possible.

[content_box_red width=”75%”]Disclaimer:  We are not attorneys and provide this service as a guideline for use as an operational agreement with your affiliates to communicate your programs terms and conditions.  You must have your own attorney review and approve this document prior to implementing our suggestions.  We make no claims or warranty its fitness for use and specifically state that the document we deliver is not suited for execution without consulting your own legal council.  The document we provide is for reference only, and is intended to help you expedite the creation of your affiliate agreement.  We do not provide legally-binding contracts.[/content_box_red]

Price for this service?  Only $495.

Order now, and we’ll schedule our initial call ASAP.

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