Condensed Plan

Affiliate Marketing Plan and Strategy Service

This is our most popular Affiliate Marketing Plan.

It’s easy on the budget, and extremely comprehensive.

First, we schedule a conference call to discuss your needs, your goals, and learn about your business.

Then, we go to work.

We like to keep an open line of communication with clients during the discovery process to ensure accuracy and keep our clients “in the loop”.

Within 30 days, you’ll have a great Affiliate Marketing Plan for your business, and you’ll be ready to execute the plan and make your Affiliate Program successful.

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What you get:

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  • Network Selection – We’ll guide you through the pros and cons of choosing a network and help you determine which one is best for your program
  • Competitive Analysis – Do you know what network your competitor’s affiliate program is on? How about how much they pay out? Cookie duration? The terms of their contract? We’ll track it all down for you and give it to you in one concise report.
  • Checklist – This is a MUST HAVE document for anyone setting up an affiliate program. We’ve covered all the bases so you won’t miss any steps…or worse, have to backtrack and redo work!
  • Sample Agreement – Every business relationship needs a good agreement! We’ll provide you with a sample that you can customize to fit your program.
  • Sample Newsletter – Ongoing communication with your affiliates is key to a healthy, growing program. We’ll provide you with a sample newsletter to customize for your own communications.



The price of this service is $4,000.

Simply buy now, and we’ll schedule the initial call.  (If you’d prefer to receive an invoice, simply contact us and we’ll get it to you.)

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