Launch Prep

Affiliate Program Launch – Pre-Launch Analysis

This custom consulting package delivers our recommendations for your Affiliate Program.

You’ve done your homework.  You’ve crunched the numbers.  You’re feeling pretty confident that your plan will work.

…but are you sure?

[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Get an expert opinion on your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

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  • Are you ready to launch your Affiliate Program?
  • Want an extra eye to be sure you’ve covered all the bases?
  • Buy our Affiliate Program Launch Preparedness Analysis.


Let our expert knowledge of this business give you piece of mind — or identify holes or problems before you go to launch.

We know this industry.  We’ve launched programs of varying complexity and needs.  We’ve worked merchants of all sizes, and have used almost every affiliate network available.  (We’ve worked with clients on all the major affiliate networks.)

We will talk about your affiliate program plans and goals.   We’ll review your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

And, within a two hour conference call, we’ll have recommendations for you.

Why hire this service instead of doing it yourself?

You’ll send us your Affiliate Marketing Plan.  We’ll review it.  Then, you’ll spend about two hours on the phone with us, discussing your business, your goals, your needs – and your plan.

…By the end of our call — you’ll know our recommendations.

It’s that simple.

Price for this service?  Only $495.

Order now, and we’ll schedule your call ASAP.

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Why choose AffPlan?

We are here for one reason – to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.  Our laser focus is on teaching you best practices and strategies, while providing you with the insight and experience you need to run a successful affiliate program.

We do one thing, and do it well.
You get the exact deliverable that you pay for when you choose AffPlan.  No service contracts, no recurring costs.

…And, we’re not pitching any services to you.  We are not an agency, nor an OPM firm.

Nothing is held back.
We won’t give you a “taste” of the analysis, with promises of more detail with a long term engagement.

You’ll never get “pitched” on any additional services to manage your program.

Experience & Insight.
Our team of affiliate marketing professionals have been affiliate managers, affiliates, merchants and network owners since 1998.  You will never find more experienced consultants.

We’re here when you need us.
If you ever find that you’re in need of specific guidance, help or tactical services, just give us a call.

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