Now this is exciting.

My Son just made his very first Affiliate Commission!

No, the commission he earned wasn’t an enormous amount of money.  (Hint: It was $2.)

This single commission is not going to put my son through college, nor will it pay for a single college course — nor will it pay for a single college text book.

Heck, it won’t even pay for a Grande Mocha at Starbucks today!

What this commission lacks in quantity, it makes up for in so many ways:

  • It’s his very first affiliate commission!
  • This commission was earned in a highly competitive niche.
  • This commission was earned selling a product in a hot category.
  • This commission was earned after launching the site roughly one month ago.
  • …and it’s the first of many commissions!

The website I’m making for my son, just earned a whopping $2.00 commission, on a $20 sale of an Angry Birds Tshirt.

Evan's First Affiliate-Referred Sale, as Reported in ShareASAle

Evan was so excited when he learned that his site generated this commission!  Of course, he sees the big picture, and that single $2 commission is simply a milestone — and proof that a “newbie” can make a website that generates affiliate commissions.

If you didn’t know, I’m documenting this entire process in an affiliate marketing video training series for free AffPlan members.  If you were watching along the way, you’d have already known that I created a section of his Video Game website for “Angry Birds Merchandise“, including a sub section for “Angry Birds Tshirts” and “Angry Birds Plush Toys“.

If you’d like to see these videos, and watch “over my shoulder” as I build this website for my son — you can join AffPlan for free, and access all the videos now, if you’d like.

Have I mentioned that I’m so excited that Evan’s website made his first affiliate commission today?

Oh – and here’s another rather exciting component of this tale:

The page that promotes the Angry Birds TShirts was (a) found in google under “Angry Birds Tshirt”, and (b) was created with ShareASale’s “Make a Page” Tool.  (I document process using ShareASale’s Make a Page Tool in this video, and just wrote about it the other day in a different blog post about datafeeds.)

So, not only was the page found in google under a relatively highly competitive “hot” term, the page that I made was created by using ShareASale’s “Make a Page” tool — so I didn’t have to actually create it by hand!

What an exciting day…  😉