The Top Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing is oftentimes facilitated by a “Third Party” Affiliate Network.  The Affiliate Network is designed to provide a platform for (a) tracking transactions and reporting and (b) connecting publishers (affiliates) with advertisers (merchants) to optimize transactions that are conducted through these relationships.  Learn more about What Affiliate Networks Do.

The leading Affiliate Networks are listed below.

Share-A-Sale details
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Founded by Brian Littleton (President, CEO), Share A Sale is a great affiliate network, upholding the highest of standards and ethics, along with facilitating significant volume of transactions between its loyal network of affiliates and over 2,500 merchants.  Low setup fees and monthly minimum fees charged by Share A Sale to merchants provides a low barrier to entry for Merchants to setup an Affiliate Program and launch within the SAS Affiliate Network.  Highly recommended.

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Linkshare caters to big-brand merchants, with high service levels and corresponding high costs.  LinkShare also provides a CPA Network within it’s Network, called LeadAdvantage.

Commission Junction (CJ)
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CJ is one of the first affiliate networks and has a few flavors of its services for merchants and affiliates.  Not quite as expensive as LinkShare, and CJ doesn’t have a required “Exclusivity Clause” for Merchants in their network, but their costs are pretty close to the premium prices LinkShare Merchants pay.

Google Affiliate Network
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Previously known as Performics, the Google Affiliate Network is a premiere, and relatively elusive Affiliate Network.

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