Outsourced Affiliate Program Managers (OPM’s)

Over the years, as the Affiliate Marketing Industry has grown, along with the number of merchants who start and run and affiliate program as part of their multi-channel strategy, so has the need for quality affiliate management.

Outsourced Program Management (or “OPM” for short) is a sure-fire way to launch, run and succeed in Affiliate Marketing – provided that the merchant has a business, a product and a website that is prepared for Affiliate Marketing, and ready to capitalize on the benefits of Affiliate Marketing.  And of course — the merchant should work with the right OPM for their needs.

“Hire Affiliate Marketing Experts” to start your Affiliate Program, optimize your Affiliate Program, or fully-manage your Affiliate Program.

“Going it alone” in this complicated, yet tremendously valuable world of Affiliate Marketing may not be the right course for many merchants. The years of experience, expertise — and relationships — that OPM’s bring to a merchant’s Affiliate Marketing efforts can be instrumental in successfully launching and running an Affiliate Program.

In the early stages of affiliate marketing, most merchants would task an internal Marketing Manager with the research, setup, launch and management of their affiliate marketing strategy.  One needs to fully understand the industry, the technology, the people, etc., in order to successfully launch an affiliate program — or at least do so within a reasonable time frame.

Outsourced Affiliate Management firms (OPM’s) have the experience, expertise and relationships to help a good merchant have a great Affiliate Program. The contributions made by a good OPM firm can help a merchant launch their programs as efficiently as possible, reduce the merchant’s time to ROI, and succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

OPM firms offer services such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy design
  • Affiliate Recruitment
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Affiliate Program Revamp / Optimization

Below, are a few of the Affiliate Management Firms that I know and like:


Team Loxly Affiliate Management

GTO Management

Greg Hoffman Consulting

Snow Consulting

All Inclusive Marketing


Andy Rodriguez Consulting


AM Navigator

Experience Advertising