AffPlan Podcast – The AffPlan Strategies Session #1.

Welcome to the premiere episode of the AffPlan Strategies Session, a podcast where industry leaders share their expert advice to help you with all aspects of creating and refining your online Affiliate Marketing Plan.

For the debut of the AffPlan Strategies Session we tackled a fundamental component of your Affiliate Marketing Plan:  Research.

Research is important to so may areas of online marketing. And having the right tools is vital. The areas we cover in this podcast are research tools for recruiting new affiliates, tools for conducting research on rival’s campaigns and tools for keyword research.

To help us uncover the secrets and tools of this very important topic, we brought on two amazing guest panelists:

Heather Paulson is the President of (PMG) Paulson Management Group,
which specializes in providing affiliate program management, paid
search management, SEO, Web development and e-commerce consulting

Ginette Degner is an independent consultant with many years of
expertise in SEO, marketing and affiliate marketing.

Special thanks goes to Lisa Picarille of for hosting this podcast!

Heather Paulson and Ginette Degner both gave us serious insight as to how their businesses, their clients, and their experiences have successfully used the tools we link to below.  You’ll want to have a pen and paper ready for this — it’s jam-packed with ideas and examples.

Thank you again, to Ginette Degner and Heather Paulson for their time, and sharing their expertise with us.

We hope you find this podcast useful in preparing the “Research Section”, of your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Some of the tools that each of our panelists found useful in doing research are:

Keyword Research

Research for Recruiting

Researching Rivals and Affiliates