Over the last several months, I’ve been testing tons of different themes on WordPress for use on my various projects. (I must say, theme & plugin testing on WP is rather addicting!)

There are plenty of free themes you can use, and plenty of themes that charge a fee.

To really appreciate the value that the Themes-for-a-fee provide, start with implementing some free themes.  You’ll soon realize the the free themes are free for a reason.  (They’re not horrible — they just don’t provide the finished site with the professional look you want for your sites, and features & flexibility are often lacking.)

So – for Affiliate Marketing Professionals, here are my top choices:

1) Affiliate Theme

This theme is designed for Affiliates (“Publishers”), not Merchants (“Advertisers”).  With this theme, you can easily add your CPA Offers (from CPA Networks like Leadvision, Hydra, etc.)  Further, you can really customize this theme and test various landing pages with the offers that you’ve loaded into the system as “blog posts”.

I’m still toying around with this, and will link to a live version of one of my sites using this theme soon.

Click here for more information about Affiliate Theme

2) WP Remix

I just found this theme.  It looks amazingly comprehensive.  For OPM’s (“Outsourced Program Management” firms, or agencies, or designers — this is crazy.  Just review the demo (and all the included page templates), and you’ll see what I mean.

Click here to view more details about WP Remix

3) Thesis Theme

I’ve used Thesis Theme on almost all of my sites at first.  It’s really simple to use, and you can create a professional looking blog in no time.  Many of my affiliate marketing friends use this theme on their personal & professional blogs.

Click here for more information about Thesis Theme.

4) WP Unlimited

I haven’t used this theme yet, but it looks like it’s really gaining in popularity.

Click here for more information about WP Unlimited.